LA LINEA RECTA (The Straight line)

IFF Gijón 2006 - Official Selection

IFF Buenos Aires 2007 - Official Selection

IFF San Sebastian 2007 - Made in Spain

Madridimagen 2007 - Official Selection

IFF Estoril 2007 - Official Selection

Annecy Spanish Cinema Biennial 2008- Official Selection

Cinelatino Film Festival 2008 - Official Selection
Noelia (Aina Calpe Serrats) is about to turn 30. She lives on the outskirts of Barcelona and works nights in a gas station. During the day, she distributes junk mail. She has no free time. She finally quits her night job and leaves the house she shares with Rosa. She doesn't say goodbye to anyone and leaves no trace as to her whereabouts. She works hard all day, has no friends and doesn't look for any. She seems anonymous, just one more young woman in any big city surrounded by people like Lucas, Nico, Rosa, the boss, who all have their little conflicts, their little hopes, their little daily struggle to survive. The straight line is an urban story about a young woman, Noelia, who behaves as the same city where she lives in, growing and moving forward in an imaginary straight line that takes her from a work to another, from a house to another, wandering aimlessly without stopping, without a break and without knowing where she is going to.


67th Venice International Film Fest-Orizzonti Competition

“Caracremada” (Burntface in Spanish), a nickname given by the Spanish Civil Guard to Ramon Vila Capdevila, reflects about the libertarian resistance against Franco’s regime through the last active guerrilla fighter. In 1951 the CNT ordered the retreat of its militants; however Ramon Vila remained in the woods of inland Catalonia where he restarted the fight operating on his own.